Kids Included of Colorado strives to create Colorado communities in which all children experience life integrated with their peers


Our mission is to provide extracurricular opportunities for all children to interact, learn, and play together


KIoC partners with established extracurricular programs who are excited about providingu services to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children and teenagers. We train the staff and helpers (volunteers, peer mentors, and friends – see below), educate the neurotypical participants, prepare the neurodiverse participants, and work through a series of trial classes before we begin. From there, the KIoC team provides ongoing support. Voilà, we have an inclusive program!

What Need Are We Addressing?

There are many extracurricular programs available to neurotypical children. However, there are very few programs and even fewer that provide inclusive opportunities for neurodiverse children or children with special needs. Children with special needs want to learn and participate in the same activities as neurotypical children. They want to make friends. They want to play. They want to excel. They want to feel successful.

We believe that all children, including those who are neurodiverse, who have a diagnosis, who are told they are different, who have a special need, and who grow up with a disability:

  • Should participate in extracurricular programs
  • Play with their classmates and peers
  • Feel confident and welcomed into activities
  • Achieve everything they hope to alongside everyone else

We support extracurricular programs to be equipped and excited to teach, instruct, or coach all children, regardless of their physical, cognitive, or social-emotional limitations. When programs feel confident in their ability to welcome and accept the differences in every child, they are ready to make a permanent change towards being inclusive.