• We Are Redefining Inclusion

    We Are Redefining Inclusion

  • To Create A Bright Future

    To Create A Bright Future

  • Based on Movement and Play

    Based on Movement and Play

  • For Every Child With A Developmental Difference

    For Every Child With A Developmental Difference

We Are Redifing Inclusion

By advancing the inclusivity of movement-based extracurricular programs


Our Vision is for all children to experience life actively while building compassion through movement

Our Mission is to equip movement-based programs to include children with different developmental needs


For the Children in Our Community

We create the opportunities for children to build empathy and compassion through exposure to others who are different while engaging in a movement-based extracurricular activity to ensure their optimal development and happiness. 

As we say, “all children can  jump over hurdles, kick away misconceptions, and climb to good health when given the chance.” 


What We Do

KIoC partners with movement-based extracurricular programs who are excited to provide services to children with and without special needs. We support extracurricular programs to teach, instruct, or coach all children, regardless of their physical, cognitive, or social-emotional limitations. More specifically, we train the program staff, lead constructive conversations about diversity and special needs, and provide ongoing support to the programs as needed. When programs feel confident in their ability to welcome and accept the differences in every child, they are ready to make a permanent change towards being inclusive.

   Our Current Extracurricular Program Partners