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We Work With Extracurricular Programs to Become Inclusive

We support extracurricular programs through training, education, and feedback to the staff and coaches so that they are able to become inclusive. Becoming inclusive involves shifting the stereotypes and predisposed ideas you, your staff, your coaches, current participants, and parents have about what children with special needs can and cannot do. It involves creating a sensory-friendly environment, answering questions and modeling how to ask questions about special needs and specific presentations or behaviors associated with a child with special needs, and taking an inclusive attitude out into the community.

Extracurricular Programs Start With Our Level 1 Training

Our Level 1 Certification introduces extracurricular programs to becoming inclusive. This process takes approximately one month and it is a free service. After these programs are comfortable with opening their doors and classes to children with different needs, we are here to provide more support to help them establish specific classes and a program that allows for children of all abilities to progress in their classes at their own pace.

If you are associated with an extracurricular program and are wondering how this process works, check out our Yes, You Can! page.