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KIoC welcomes your generous support in all forms!


We appreciate your interest and dedication to making this community as welcoming and accessible to every child. Join us at our events, tell your friends about the importance of offering inclusive programming, share your experiences with coaches as a parent or community member, or assist coaches with a specific class.


 Inclusive Movement-Based Extracurricular Programs Are Important!

There are 1,278,431 children in Colorado.


More than 345,000 children in Colorado are considered overweight.


74,885 children in Colorado receive special education services.


The World Health Organization recommends that children engage in 60-minutes of moderate physical activity every day, but only 75% of children in the US meet this guideline.


There is significant evidence to support the fact that children with disabilities have lower physical activity levels, higher obesity rates, and are not involved in team sports compared to their typically developing peers.


55% of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have motor difficulties, which makes engaging in physical activities challenging.


How Does Inclusive Programming Impact You?

Whether you are a parent, a business owner, a friend, or a community member, everyone knows a child who has a special need. As a parent of a neurotypical child, you want your child to develop empathy and patience, show acceptance, and practice teaching or coaching skills. As a parent of a neurodiverse child, you want your child to feel welcomed, to be happy, and to experience life as everyone else. As the owner or coach of an extracurricular program, you have the chance to take a leap or even a step into the progressive realm. You can be a leader in the community and show others how to provide an opportunity that benefits ALL children.

Interested in Helping?

If you would like to dedicate your time to a class for a semester or a few classes, please contact us or fill out our INTERN APPLICATION FORM.

You can donate directly or you can teach others about inclusion through these books.

Our mission and goals are based in scientific research

There are three main points of research on which the KIoC curriculum is based:

  • Movement and movement-based learning is beneficial in childhood development
  • Neurodiverse children and children with special needs do not participate in physical activities at the same rate as neurotypical children
  • Inclusive experiences are beneficial for the learning and social development of both neurotypical and neurodiverse children

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of movement and inclusion, please click here.

Thank you for helping us provide movement and play opportunities for all children.