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Local Extracurricular Programs

You have the opportunity to reach over 3500 children in Boulder County alone who do not participate in extracurricular activities at the same rate as their neurotypical peers. Increase your client base, be the first to provide inclusive programming, promote a culture of movement and health for all children, and make a positive impact in your community. Our current extracurricular partner programs are the Boulder Track Club and Superhuman Academy. We are hoping to expand our reach by training four more programs by the end of 2018. Please join us in spreading the word to extracurricular programs who you believe would be interested in this service.

Adults in related fields of work

If you are looking for a way to gain experience working with children of diverse needs, trying to make your community a better place, or wanting to learn more about inclusion, we have a unique opportunity for you. Join us for a session of a fun extracurricular activity and set an example for your community.


As a parent, you want so many things for your child. You want them to be kind, to have friends, to be successful. Most importantly, you want them to be happy. KIoC makes every child’s interests accessible by educating local extracurricular programs on how to teach, include, and adapt to children of all abilities. This type of environment creates an open-ended opportunity to learn, develop, teach, fail, grow, and empathize. It allows all children to accept each other and carry this mindset into their homes, their schools, and their relationships, not only now but into the future.

Families with neurotypical children

Neurotypical children and their families have the opportunity to learn about children who have differences. This is a place for them to learn, develop teaching skills, open their minds, and practice empathy towards others. These children will be the leaders of creating an inclusive next generation.

Community members

Our goal is to make Boulder County an inclusive and welcoming place with ample opportunities for everyone to participate in whatever they would like to do. Inclusive extracurricular programming is a progressive mindset and undertaking, but it is necessary and should be mainstream for the future generations. As a community, have the chance to show the rest of Colorado how to accept and include everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Families with neurodiverse children

Children with special needs are able to participate in whatever they want to do or learn with their peers. They will feel accepted and a part of a team rather than an outsider. We have instructors and programs who adapt and accommodate any ability while progressing others who require more or less instruction.


Inclusive extracurricular programming is a progressive but necessary mindset. This is your chance to make a difference. You can adopt an inclusive model in your home, your business, and your community because including others is the right thing to do. Inclusion opens the minds of those who need to understand and learn and it makes others a part of a group and community. You can help make this mindset mainstream for the future generations by investing in the idea that all children should move, play, and learn alongside one another. Help create a Colorado where children are compassionate, accepting, and successful.

If your child would like to be a participant or peer mentor, fill out our CONTACT FORM.


If you would like to be an intern with KIoC, fill out our INTERN APPLICATION FORM.