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Here Is a Glimpse into What We Do




Who We Are

Kids Included of Colorado was founded by two occupational therapists, specializing in neurological disorders, who recognized the importance for all children to learn through physical experiences and the subsequent need to empower movement-based extracurricular programs to serve both neurodiverse and neurotypical children. Teachers report that the overall classroom climate becomes more respectful and productive when students with disabilities are included. KIoC was launched to fill a critical gap in Boulder community’s initiative to grow and nurture inclusivity. Today, we serve as the only organization in the Boulder area who trains and educates existing extracurricular program owners and staff to extend their programs to include neurodiverse children. Since KIoC’s inception we have witnessed neuro-inclusive programming not only improve the lives of neurodiverse children, but also dramatically increase empathy in neurotypical students and boost confidence in teachers. At KloC, we cherish acceptance, encourage bravery, and are passionate about the power of all children learning and playing together. 

The Early Years

KIoC started by engaging a community of parents with neurodiverse children; children diagnosed with neurological disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, physical disabilities, learning challenges, and other special needs. Our intent was to create a support network, but as we listened, the parents identified the greatest need for their children as the need for a bridge into the extracurricular programming offered to neurotypical parents and children.

Our Intention and the Effect

Since then, our intention has been to create experiences for children that illuminates the commonalities between them. We have helped a wide array of extracurricular programs diversify their student population, including even a parkour class, which we thought was pretty cool. We know that we are doing the right thing when we overhear conversations sparked amongst curious neurotypical children in an effort to understand and better interact with their neurodiverse peers. We believe that it is through these conversations that the some of the greatest educational opportunities exist for students, teachers and parents. We aim to empower a growing community of knowledgeable, and therefore accountable, people who promote the benefits of inclusivity.


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