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Why Should You Be Inclusive?


Approximately 11% of BVSD students receive special education services, which is over 3,000 children. This does not include the students in Boulder County who attend private schools, home school programs, or other programs. These children are not participating in extracurricular activities like their neurotypical peers and you have the opportunity to open your doors to this group. Not only will you increase participation in your classes, but you will change perceptions, provide opportunities for children who are not consistently receiving them, positively impact many lives, and set an example of inclusivity for your community.


KIoC provides the training, education, and support for you to offer an inclusive class

Our educational curriculum is a universal design for an inclusive learning concept so that your classes are successful for everyone.


Providing an inclusive class or multiple classes is challenging. Where do you start? What do you do? How do you adapt? KIoC is your support system in becoming an inclusive program. We help you adapt your coaching style, modify your facility environment, and establish your class structure so that you are confident in welcoming any child into your program. You rely on us until you are able to offer this inclusive class without our services. After that, you might open your other classes up to accepting participants with special needs and other differences.

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The KIoC inclusive curriculum focuses on the following topics:

  • Talking about diversity and special needs
  • Using person-first language
  • Promoting conversations between participants
  • Creating a safe and optimal environment
  • Developing a class routine
  • Setting up your coaching style for those with different needs
  • Taking inclusion into your home and other environments
  • Learning how to place participants with different needs in a successful class
  • Practicing how to address parents about the benefits of inclusion

The Certification Process


Level 1 Certification:

We are here to support you in starting to become inclusive. This certification is designed to get your feet wet, offer an inclusive class, and shift your business mission to involve children with different abilities. Our support uses the inclusive curriculum KIoC developed for the purposes of training extracurricular programs.

  • Independent study for staff and coaches

  • In-person orientation session for staff and coaches

  • 1-3 hands-on training and feedback sessions for staff and coaches

If you complete Level 1 Certification and you are looking for additional support, training, and information, we are here to provide that for you with our Level 2 Certification


When you start this process, you are setting a precedent of inclusion for the entire community.